Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building Suggestions

Are your colleagues feeling negative about their work?

Are your colleagues losing connection with teams?

If Yes, it’s time for Team Building.

Let’s boost your employees' morale, make work fun and meaningful!

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Team Building Benefits

Team Building always bring along with a range of benefits. Some people may see team building as a 'break' from regular work, but team building do have a serious purpose which is to develop the skills and knowledge of your colleagues. Let's take a look at some of the areas you can expect to see a positive uplift in:

Better Communication

Increased Productivity

Improved Morale

Increase in Motivation

Improve Work Efficiency

Build Teams Trust

Our Clients

We strive for 100% compliments. This is our commitment, our mission.

As we are driven to create unique Collaborative Memory for our clients. If you want to wow your boss, your colleagues & your guests.

Our Services

We can provide you a completely customized Team Building Plan and handle all the projects from conception to execution. Whether it aims to convey corporate value, build team trust, or strengthen team communication, we can do it easily online.

We can tailor the perfect Virtual Team Building Plan according to different clients. Service scope included but not limited to:


Video production

Technical support


Trainer and facilitator coordination

Key visual design and adaptation

Virtual Team Building Activities

So, what can we do for Team Building? The good news is there are normals team building activities for different scales of the event. If you want to try it by yourself, let us give you a simple demonstration.

Secret Number

Get to know your colleagues by guessing their unique identification consisted of numbers and letters with special meanings.

1. Fun and Interesting

2. Highly interactive

3. Inspires curiosity
4. Strengthen team connection

5. Get to know teammate better


Why this game?

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Want to get step by step game rules, MC script for host, material checklist or more?

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