How We Do

Moving beyond as an event production house, we cherish every execution to create engagement. If you work with us, you will realize the transformation and difference will remain in your organization even after the project.
Here’s how we do when designing an ideal experience for our clients:

1. Break perception
When we talk about ‘team building’, certainly there are some ideas that you already have in mind. It could be positive, negative, or even both. It is not difficult to imagine when we gather a group of people in the room, there will be various expectations and thoughts for each of them. Therefore, to attract attention, we always start with expectation management, where we introduce remarkable starting points, e.g. Feng Shui team building, to provoke emotional impact. Bring curiosity and an open mind is the first step for any desirable communication.

2. Experiential journey
Our design experience approach starts even before we launch the project. At the planning stage, our professional team will spend time to form a comprehensive understanding of your culture, and what you what to achieve. Aligning the objective allows us to plan the steps for achieving the milestones of where you want to go. Besides detailed planning, we are also flexible to the audience feedback, emergencies or even surprises. You can sit back and relax while we organize the whole journey to your destination!

3. Edutainment
Traditional learning is way too passive in this digital era. People are looking for interactions everywhere. By combining Education and Entertainment, we create and establish connections between learning and people. Learning is no longer a boring task, but a great chance to deliver your message and strengthen the bonding in your company! No to mention it has 15% more retention rate than lectures.

By applying these skills into all of our events, our approach has brought our clients numerous joy and unforgettable experience.