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Let’s strive for a friendly, sustainable work culture here in Hong Kong!


What ‘difficult’ clients
mean to us and how we deal with them

If you ask people to name some qualities of a difficult client, they will probably say these: last-minute enquiries, with an explosion of demands, and the ever-changing requirements!

But on second thought, if the first thing they did after receiving an urgent task is to contact you, doesn’t it mean you are on top of their list? If they bombard you with all their needs and objectives, doesn’t it mean that they at least have a direction for your ship to sail? And if they change their mind frequently, doesn’t it give you a chance to showcase your flexibility and make progress with them together?

To us, what truly makes a client a piece of work is the reluctance to align. Accomplishing employee engagement takes much more than being an execution machine that merely takes orders and follows instructions. If clients hold back their trust and refuse to communicate their constraints, the hidden agenda will form an insecure foundation. No matter how hard we try to follow, the outcome may turn out to be anything but what they really need.

Therefore, we insist every one of our clients follow our service cycle, especially step 1: Discovery. Only when we spend enough time understanding what our clients are facing, we can tailor-make the most suitable solution for them. In order to make the meeting worthwhile, we developed a hyper-efficient question set that is nicely structured to examine the problems in their corporate culture.

Sometimes it could be hard for them to recognize what they are facing. In this case, we need to help them to visualize the whole thing. What will the process look like? And if we are doing it this way, what are all the possible consequences and scenarios?

Of course, not every client is open to suggestions. But guess who will take up all the responsibilities if somethings go wrong? To minimize the risk of mending the fold after the sheep have been stolen, extra buffers are needed to make the backup plans work.

Every time we face a ‘difficult’ client, it is just another chance to demonstrate our holistic professionalism!

Our working principles
that help us to retain clients

It is always nice to work with new clients, but wouldn’t it be better if you can form long-term partnerships in your existing projects?

Simply getting things done is not enough to gain trust. However, not deliver your promise is even worse when it comes to branding. So, completing your promised results is the very first milestone.

Another way we win our clients’ hearts is to understand them. To achieve this, our team has developed a structured question set to review and audit our client’s culture, making us see what they need. This helps us to make use of our skills in designing on-point solutions. Instead of treating our service as a one-off execution, we allow flexibility for clients to perform some actions on their own, as to train their employee engagement muscle.

Furthermore, we make sure all the execution are done beautifully. The incorporation of the must-have principles and the nice-to-have items work together to create the time of our clients’ lives.

If you put your clients first and observe their needs, your clients will feel respected, and they will enjoy this working experience!

How our discovery cycle can always
help you fulfilling your objectives

Whenever we received an enquiry, we dedicate ourselves to fulfill the client’s objectives, rather than merely finishing the task.

During our first discovery service cycle, the Discovery stage, we ask them the following:
1. What is the background and framework of the project?
2. Why this?
3. Why not others?
4. What do you want to achieve?

The tricky part lies in the second and the third question. Some people may realize they want team building simply because ‘we do this every year’. But what are the objectives and rationale behind the execution?

If you are not sure what your supervisor is thinking, don’t worry. Our team has developed a structured methodology to walk with you using the objective mindset. All you need to do is provide us with some facts. For example, how many events or activities were organized in the last year? What did the management say and what are their past decisions? From these neutral facts, we will look for the patterns in your human resources management, and the hidden agenda behind those behaviors. In other words, we will interpret your mission and find out what is the most suitable solution for you.

After going through this discovery stage, our team will be able to conclude the objective, deliverables, constraints, and available resources for the project. By defining the objective, our clients can always enjoy a hassle-free experience with proven results!


Rosy Sky 開創本港首間「員工敬業度管理顧問公司」
提升基層員工歸屬感 推動企業齊心抗疫境 保就業

Rosy Sky開創本港首間「員工敬業度管理顧問公司」 提升基層員工歸屬感 推動企業齊心抗疫境 保就業



由兩位年青老闆Irene Cheung(張燕翠)及Steve Yuen(袁家輝)共同創立之Rosy Sky「睿熙員工敬業度管理顧問」,率先在港引入首間Employee Engagement Agency(員工敬業度管理顧問公司),為近年興起之新式管理法,協助機構或企業加強內部溝通,緊扣員工融入公司,願為老闆盡力用心的關鍵之鑰,也因應目前市況轉差,更協助各企業提昇基層員工歸屬感,推動齊心抗疫境,同心保就業。




面對逆(疫)境,邱騰華局長早前見記者時曾表示:「企業是有方法去做。但要齊心,僱主、僱員之間在這段時間要一起捱過去。」有所謂「同甘易,共苦難」,怎樣能夠在艱難期,令到員工不單止只做到盡本分,還會主動為公司付出額外心力,把公司的事當成自己的事呢?Rosy Sky就提供給各大企業其中一個自救方法,Irene說:「先穩定人心,才能保持生產力,當中秘密要訣,就在於如何管理及提昇Employee Engagement Level(員工敬業度),才能增加企業自我競爭力,務求在疫市冰河期都守得住,待市場回暖,a就可快人一步起飛。」

引入新管理模式 增強員工主動及歸屬感

對於香港人來說,Employee Engagement(員工敬業度)這個名詞比較陌生;但在外國,這種管理方式已推行了10多年,並得到顯著成效。Rosy Sky約2016年將此管理概念引入香港,短短時間已獲得多間大型企業及中小企支持,將悠久的辦公室文化棄舊迎新,協助僱主與僱員發展更好的相互合作關係!

Steve指Employee Engagement這個管理模式,起初連一個正式的中文譯名也沒有,目前的說法,亦不是最理想的形容;因為不僅是員工要敬業,公司亦要懂得知人善用,尊重現職員工的價值,增強雙方的溝通渠道,才讓員工有歸屬感。

Rosy Sky的理念正如品牌蘊藏意思「Why the Sky must be Blue? Be Different!」。Irene解釋:「大家覺得好多事情都是理所當然,但為何天一定要藍才是有希望?打破既定印象局限,做事才會有新氣象。」

Irene在大學畢業後做過雜誌編輯、品牌公關,累積面對客戶經驗,決定創業開公司擔任項目總監;Steve本身從事金融業,兩個看來互不相干的職業,因有共同夢想而合作創辦Rosy Sky,擔任員工敬業度管理顧問,不時為客戶構思各類企業活動。


Rosy Sky的概念是為企業提供全方位服務,包括製作周年晚會、員工獎勵旅行、區域會議、建立團隊、協助訓練,以至CSR(企業社會責任)、Sustainability(可持續發展)等活動。不少活動都是公司一年一度大事,例如周年晚宴,但年年如是搞周年活動,往往變得毫無新意,為做而做。Irene說:「我曾經聽過有朋友投訴公司晚宴悶到一個點,員工寧願回家打機、睇電視都不想去,覺得自己在公司可有可無,出席目的只是舉杯讓老闆開心。這樣無疑是雙輸的局面,其實中間最大的落差,就是高層有否從員工的角度去體會,如果肯多點互動和聆聽,就會變成事半功倍。」Steve補充說,Rosy Sky做的不是單一晚活動就完,而是一個旅程(Journey):「我們為每間公司所設計的方式及方案都會有所不同,但必須有主題及連貫性,從中滲透公司想給員工的訊息,這樣會令員工覺得自己是公司版圖中的一塊積木,缺一不可,有存在感就更投入。」

要員工賣力投入 關鍵是重視員工與溝通

Steve透露曾接了一間公司的周年晚宴,該公司來年以「Fall in love with the Brand」為方向,他們就提出建議,將原本一晚的活動,演變成10個星期的公司旅程,全程用app作貫穿:「每個人對每件事都有不同理解,好容易出現誤會及誤解,用app來接收公司訊息,人人平等,我們不要紙上談兵,而是從一個體驗,一個氛圍開始,讓他們互相認識與溝通,有更多聯繫與參與度高,才會對公司有fall in love感覺,讓員工在這間公司有存在而感到驕傲。」

回饋社會幫助NGO 最難忘被張國榮粉絲感動
Rosy Sky於發展之餘,亦不忘回饋社會;Irene曾經捐錢並親到柬埔寨為貧窮家庭建屋,3天時間全程投入,還要忍耐燠熱天氣,對於嘆慣冷氣的他們來說,絕對不容易。以意志力熬過艱辛,但卻是永遠難忘的體驗。同時Rosy Sky每年亦都會選定幫助香港不同慈善或非牟利機構籌辦推廣活動兼擔任製作人,Irene感受非常深刻:「那次在中環海濱舉行【張國榮60周年誕生祭 – 繼續張國榮大熱派對】,我好深切感受到,原來一個Event對參加者來說,意義可以好大,有網民在網上留言說,能參與其中實在不枉此生,這才是做一個活動最真正的意義;不是為做而做,而是令每一個到來的人,以後都能記起,餘生都能回味,那種成功感、滿足感好大!」

Irene擔任SITE中國分會青年秘書長 主持兩岸四地公益直播


Irene近日更擔任2020年度SITE(Society for Incentive Travel Excellence)中國分會青年委員會秘書長,於疫情期間,為SITE中國分會主持每兩周一次的兩岸四地公益直播,例如討論彼此如何面對逆境及保留人才與激勵士氣,向業界發放正能量。作為一個國際組織,Irene指SITE global內有不同的network:「基本上我們全球都會有伙伴,其實好多旅遊局都想同SITE會員合作,我們做策劃時,如做區域會議,或者係獎勵旅遊,因為旅遊局關係,都會獲得一些特別或獨家安排。除此之外,我們亦很重視國際水平,考獲Certified Incentive Specialist(CIS)資格,銜接世界專業水平。」


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