What we do

Culture Audit
Workplace culture plays a crucial role when it comes to employee satisfaction. Our culture assessment system helps you visualize the ideal employee experience just for your organization.

Our structured key questions are hyper-efficient in gathering the top-down and bottom-up strategies alignment status. We will leverage the data proven insights and help you understand your employees’ mindset and expectations at work.

For years, we bend over backwards to build culture audits for clients by measuring, examining and analysing employee experience at work. The baseline analysis will form the skeleton of your employee engagement framework for you to refer to overtime.

  • Employee Experience Index Assessment
  • Design Employee Experience (EX)
  • Analyze opinion & preference of employees
  • Develop employee initiatives strategy

Internal Communication
Sometimes deliverables can go wrong when the top-down messaging is not being communicated effectively. Therefore, we always value both employees and employers when it comes to finding the right way to deliver internal communication for both parties.

Employee engagement is not a one-stop communication. The experiential journey created by our in-house experience designers can leverage your deliverables and walk with you, empowering your team to make the impossible possible.

  • Formulate Internal Communication
  • Content Strategy
  • Boost Interest in existing Channels
  • Create Talking Points
  • Enhance Sharing Willingness
  • Strengthen Employees Bonding
  • Induction Program
  • Gamification at Work
  • Embrace Vision Mission Value
  • Deliver Clear Purpose to Employees
  • LinkedIn Management

Event Management

Events and staff activities are good ways to execute the corporate values and purpose you wish to align. Going beyond executions, our objective mindset in landing your employee engagement strategy into reality creates experiences that would echo the purpose of your organization.

We handle every project from conception to execution, whether it is for local or multinational corporations. Our event experience ranged from business, private, and charity events. We are familiar with the regulations, precautions, and most importantly, what creates engagement and transformation to the audience. We also valued sustainability by following the ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events.

If you have a project in hand, our team will help you align the objectives, all the way to every execution detail, including concept development, technical equipment, venue and props decoration, logistics. We maximize the effect by tailoring the solution that fits you most. Our corporate standard quality check is what makes our clients hassle-free when witnessing the synergy transformation among the participants.

  • Event Management
  • Event Planning
  • Event Scheduling & Timeline Development
  • Event Budget Planning & Control
  • Venue Coordination
  • Venue Site Visit
  • Venue Catering, F&B Coordination
  • Venue Decoration Planning & Setup Coordination
  • Event Floor Plan Design
  • Event Contents Development Input
  • Event Rundown Planning
  • Event Game Mechanisms Development
  • Event Performance & Talents Sourcing, Briefing & Rehearsal
  • Event Logistic Arrangement
  • Event Vendors Sourcing, Briefing & Rehearsal
  • Event Checklists Development
  • Event Digitization Development
  • Event RSVP & Guest List Management
  • Transportation & Accommodations Coordination
  • On – the – Day Professional Manpower
  • On – the -Day Workflow Management & Time Control
  • Event Design & Production
  • Event Planning
  • Event Theme Design Development
  • Event Key Visual Creation
  • Event Logo Creation
  • Event Venue decoration Design & Production
  • Event Visual Display Production
  • Event Paper & Accessories Design & Production
  • Event Floral Design & Decoration
  • Event Souvenir Design & Production
  • Lighting & Gobo Projection Design & Engineering
  • Event Live Feed Multi – Camera Shooting
  • Special Effects Arrangement & License Application
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Event Photography
  • Event Snapshots Video Shooting
  • Event Highlight Video Editing
  • Event Live Video Streaming
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Concept Creation
  • Storyboard Development
  • Shooting Schedule Planning
  • Cinematic Filming
  • Post – Production Editing
  • Sound Mixing
  • Voice Over
  • Color Grading & Correction
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Transcript Translate & Subtitle Arrangement
  • Talent Liaison & Coordination
  • Sourcing, Recommendation, Liaison & Coordination on:
  • Emcee (MC)
  • Celebrity & Artist
  • Entertainment Performer (e.g. Dancer, magician, etc.)
  • Live Music Arrangement (e.g. Live Band, DJ, etc.)
  • Training Trainer & Facilitator
  • Make – up Artist
  • Hairdressing & Styling
  • Attire Consultation (e.g. Wardrobe, Costume, etc.)
  • Security
  • Concept Creation
  • Event Theme Proposal
  • Key Message Development
  • Program Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Employee Experience (EX)
  • Event Management
  • Event Design & Production
  • Photography & Video Production

Local events:

Annual Dinner

Anniversary Celebration

Conference / Forum

Team Building

Award Presentation

Town Hall Meeting

Staff Party / Festive Activity



Business Showcase / Networking

Outdoor Concert

Shopping Mall / Media Event

Overseas events

Incentive Trip 


Regional Meeting


Motivational Travel


Team Building

Popular services

Our service scope keeps on evolving upon the market and our on-point observation of our client’s objectives.

If you are seeking a long-term partnership in helping you in this employee engagement journey, here are more executions that we used to land our insightful strategies with high flexibility and accuracy: 

Virtual and hybrid events

Struggling to connect with your overseas audience? Thanks to the trust from numerous clients, our enriched event portfolio has proved the power of active learning by leveraging our experience design on suitable virtual platforms. From community gatherings, conferences, meetings, or strategic planning sessions, our immersive experience will enhance the tone and manner just as elegant as our physical events. On-site live streaming is also a decent way to break geographical constraints.

Team building activities

Our team building activities contain content and touchpoints that are out of the ordinary. We believe that inspirations come from stimulated curiosity. Experiential learning can only occur when your employees are led to be open-minded. Our creative content contains intriguing activities such as Feng Shui, Dominoes, LARP, Detective game etc. Edutainment makes people execute valuable mindsets, including enhanced collaboration, trust, flexibility, and change management, in an enjoyable and relaxing way.

Thematic campaign

Looking for a way to establish your VMV in light of the need for change management? Our thematic campaign design is a decent way to deliver your message.

Take sustainability as an example, our past events enlighten the concept in client’s office, with the best practices suitable and reachable for their corporation.

Employee development and training

If you believe that employees are your greatest asset, invest in them!
Our experts in training and coaching are well-equipped with skill sets that would launch your employees’ remarkable career, all the way from objective mindset, setting the right goal, actional planning, to landing strategies practically.

Employer branding/ employee engagement content strategy
Our incentive experts know what content is relevant, shareable, and powerful enough to become a collective memory. With secured content management, the rest of the process will be organic. Your employees will share the pride and value, sticking around in an organization that defines their personal brands.

Wondering what are the differences between our events compared to others?